"Admissions open for Academic Year 2024-2025 (Pre-KG to Class IX)"

Smart Classrooms

Our classrooms are bright and spacious, providing the right ambience for learning. All our classrooms are smart classrooms with digi-boards and technology enabled Audio-Visual presentations. Smart classrooms provide the children a flavour of today’s technology, facilitating better learning and understanding of concepts taught in the class while providing a simple, convenient and practical medium for the teachers to ensure better comprehension.

Science Lab

We have a Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratory. Our labs are well equipped and modeled to generate inquisitiveness and experiential learning. We have taken adequate measures to ensure safety while using the lab equipments.

Computer Lab

Technology has seen many advancements and the children of today are more adept in embracing them quickly. With that in mind, we have amply provided our computer lab with the latest hardware, software and connectivity. Every student would have access to the computer and all the tools required to make it a fun and an exploratory learning experience.

Math Lab

We have a separate Mathematics lab to help the students to further their knowledge in this field of study. This lab also assists them in learning math in an experiential mode. Adequate kits and tools are provided to facilitate their conceptual learning and kindling analytical thinking. Our Math teachers would guide the children in their path to master this subject.


We have a spacious well stacked up library with over 20,000 books, periodicals and journals. Children can enrich their knowledge and refer to these books to reinforce their learnings. Every year we would upgrade the library with additional books, periodicals and journals to keep pace with the latest developments. We provide ample opportunities for the children to explore the library collections and enrich their knowledge to be updated with the goings around the world. A couple of computers (equipped with safety restrictions) are also available in the library, if the children want to explore the content available in the worldwide web. Our Librarian and assistants will always be available to guide the children to make ideal choice of reading/reference.

Art Studio

Art and craft is a very important part of our curriculum. Adequate facilities and equipments are provided to aid the the children in their learning. Our Teachers are specialists in this field and help the children to learn and enhance their creativity.

Music Studio

Music is an integral part of our curriculum. We have trained music teachers to help the children learn the basics and advanced forms of vocal singing. A separate area is provided for the children to learn and practice music without any disturbance from the external environment.

Yoga Hall

A separate Yoga hall is provided to practise this Indian spiritual and ascetic discipline. Yoga is believed to help in controlling mind, body and soul. We teach breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, which is widely practised for health and relaxation. Our Yoga teachers are well trained and have been practising this form for many years. Our children would benefit from their knowledge and experience.

IT Infrastructure

Our IT infrastructure covers the entire facility, especially all the learning areas. Every classroom, lab, studio, the library, staff rooms and office room are equipped with computers. Adequate printers and photocopiers are provided for office use. Our school is provided with internet facility for use by the teaching and non-teaching staff as well as our computer labs. All these equipments are provided with appropriate software and maintained by our IT team, with the required safety restrictions in place.

Safety Measures

We have a round the clock coverage by our security officers. Our school is fitted with security cameras covering all the classrooms, labs, studios, activity rooms, play area and any other strategic points. Fire extinguishers are installed at all vantage points following the fire and safety guidance. School would also follow a mock fire-drill and educate the children on all safety aspects.


Our school has a play ground to enable our students to indulge in sports, games and physical training to keep them physically fit, while creating a vibrant environment for the growth of the children.

Play Area

The spacious kids play area is provided with some of the best quality equipments and play materials to keep the kids cheerful and buoyant with energy. Utmost care has been taken to ensure these are safe for the use of the kids.

Bus Facility

Our school provides bus services to the children who prefer to avail this facility. Our buses are fitted with security cameras and GPS. They go through periodic inspections and well maintained by experienced staff. Each bus is provided with a Pilot (Drivers) and Captains/Nannies (Assistants) to ensure safety and discipline while travelling. Due care is taken to ensure that the children are dropped off at the right location and are picked up by their parents, guardians or designated person after verification of ID cards, provided by the school.

Parent App

Our school operates a parent app. and all communications to parents would be notified through this app. Parents’ mobile nos. are interfaced to this app. to update about the journey of their child in our school along with updates on attendance, home work, class notes, events, marks, etc. This app. also provides the parents with opportunity to provide feedback to the school whenever they choose, which in turn would be promptly acted upon. This tool facilitates an engaged/integrated association between the parent and the school.


Our schools will have a clinic in the campus to provide first aid along with initial nursing assessments and primary care to sick patients until they are entrusted to their parents with due care for further treatment.